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affected by celluliteCollagen and Fats are key factors responsible for the emergence of cellulite on the human’s body. There are various level of explanation as to why women are more affected by cellulite. Cellulite began since the emergence of the 21st century. A lot of things has changed around here, most women now get to live struggling with fat burst around their skin. Today we will be going through series factors that contributes to the reason women get more affected by cellulite. This is a study which has been gone thoroughly by researchers. You will be getting some information about this here on this page. But firstly, let’s take a quick look at the possible causes of cellulite.

How does cellulite exist?

Cellulite results from the tight packing of fat trapped inside of the “collagen pockets”, this is what is responsible for the puckering and dimpling characteristic of cellulite. Stills confused about this! If you are still can’t picture this correctly try imagine your pocket being filled with marbles then try rubbing your palm around the outside of your pocket, you will feel the bumpy protruding of the marbles. Once this is done you have then pictured what celluliteaffected by cellulite could look like.

Unlike the males, collagen fibres can be spotted on the lower body region of matured female and can be seen moving vertically up down. The truth fact about cellulite here is based on the fact that the discovered movement of collagen fibres in the women which is not found in men is the more reason more women are the major carrier of cellulite compared to a man. Cellulite for both sexes comes with a rating of 10% men 90% women. Mesh is what the collagen fibres forms in the cases of men. Collagen fibres movement in women can be described as ‘picket fence’ (upward and downward motion) while that of men can be described as ‘chain like fence’ (crisscross).

How women can possible live without being affected by cellulite

This has been one of the major question on the mind of most women, they get to wonder reasons why some women will have cellulite around their body regions and while some would have nothing similar. They also get to wonder reason an overweight woman will have no much of cellulite compared to the amount of cellulite that will be exhibited by a skinny affected by cellulitewoman. This and more questions are such that makes one know the truth about cellulite plus some basic facts. The above question is beyond the scope of fat loss model we all are used to. Cellulite doesn’t necessarily have to do with losing or gaining fat. It is something that should be addressed considering fat loss, the strength of collagen and the human health.

One of the actual reason some women have cellulite and some don’t has a lot to do with genetically factor. Part of our women have collagen fibres which are more like that of a man, while some have the extreme type belonging to the women i.e. vertical distribution. This is why getting rid of cellulite for some woman will be very easy and the other way round for other women. However, still with the genetic cause of cellulite, there can always be an improvement with what cellulite appears to be like on the skin surface. There have been several ways discovered to help out of cellulite challenges, but none of which are really safe.ll

 For the fact the women are more prone to being affected by cellulite doesn’t mark the end of the women’s race. There lots of methods that can be used to outsmart most of this cellulite effects. I have discovered one and I will like to share with you. To read a detail review on this Click here!!!

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