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Ways to Prevent and Treat Insulin Resistance and Type II Diabetes

Ways to Prevent and Treat Insulin Resistance and Type II Diabetes

type II diabetes Diabetes is a blood sugar disease that brings about other health complication. Diabetes could be of various types but the most common ones are the type I diabetes, type II diabetes, gestational diabetes and the pre-diabetes. These series of diabetes has various symptoms associated with them, the insulin resistance and the type II diabetes are the most common ones.

The type II diabetes and insulin resistance has what triggers them in the human body. It is important that we know this things. This is why I will be taking you through some approach that can help prevent and treat type II diabetes and the insulin resistance. You might have heard that diabetes is not curable but the question is simply “is it all diabetes that can’t be cure”. Types II diabetes has been tested by series of researchers to have no form of medication as a cure but yet it can be cured! Here is how:

I want you to know that as of today there have been numerous diet and nutrition lifestyle which have been confirmed to be a good basis diabetic prevention. It is important that the fasting insulin level be monitored.

Reduce consumption of processed food, sugar of all forms (fructose) grains to minimal:

Conventional treatment for diabetes has been failing for the past 50 years, this has to do type II diabeteswith dietary recommendation which have been flawed. Grains, fructose, and other sugar types forms starchy carbohydrate which causes severe insulin reaction.

Insulin resistant, HBP, diabetes, heart disease or weight challenges patients will be advised to limit the consumption of fructose to a level of 15g/day until insulin resistance gets solution. 15g/day should be for the American while other nations can limit theirs to 25g/day or less. This is with reference to having optimal health. Don’t feel this is hard to accomplish, the best way to achieve this is by completely swapping food already processed for completely wholesome organic food nutrients. Processed food, artificial sweeteners are responsible for metabolic dysfunction.

Lower to reasonable amount of quality protein content:

Meat, egg, legumes, nuts, fish and dairy products are rich in protein. When making your choice of protein, one’s gotten from animals this time, ensure you consume grass fed, organically raised, pastured dairy meat produce, eggs. This is to help guard against serious health complication which might be caused by genetically planned animal pesticide and feed. American are good eaters of proteins, it is necessary that you get mindful of protein amount consumed.

Healthy fat consumption:

Insulin resistance and type II diabetes can be controlled by considering consumption of quality fats, this should be between 50% and 85%. Good sources of healthy fats includes; butter, cheese, animal fats, nuts, avocado.

Intensive and regular exercising:

Research has proven exercise without weight loss to boost insulin activeness. HIIT i.e. high intensive interval training is what is needed to beat insulin resistance and type II diabetes effectively. Insulin sensitivity can be improved by 24% within 4 weeks by doing this type of exercise.

Omega III to Omega VI improvement:

Most of the diets in today’s world already have their omega VI fats destroyed and also far type II diabetes from what omega III fats should look like. The actual source of omega VI fats are safflower, peanut, soy. Try as much as possible reducing food cooked with vegetable oil. But you can increase your intake of food cooked from omega III fats.

Maintain effective vitamin D level all-round the year:

Vitamin D has been recommended to be highly beneficial not just to type I diabetes. It also has a major role in the reduction of the effect of type II diabetes and the insulin resistance. The best source of vitamin D is the sun, exposing yourself to sun can provide you with regular Vit D. The natural way of getting vitamin D is from the sun, if it’s the other way round one will have to also source for vitamin K2.

 Enough sleep should be attained every night:

Not getting enough sleep is not good for insulin resistance and type II diabetes. Blood sugar level and stress are the result of not getting enough sleep, this also triggers insulin resistance. Studies have shown that people who lacks enough sleep are prone to type II diabetes and insulin resistance.

Healthy body weight maintenance:

Poor diet and unhealthy life style affects the fight against type II diabetes and insulintype II diabetes resistance. BMI is a measuring aid for body weight. The food is a very important parameter when it comes to the issue of body mass. Body mass is caused by accumulation of fats in the body. This could cause the blood vessels to absorb fats in the stream thereby causing disturbed blood flow around the body.

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