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Foods That Make Cellulite Worse: Cellulite Factor Solution



Foods are very important and people of all ages eat for survival, growth, development and a host of other reasons. You get different nutrients that needed by the body from what you eat. While it is good to eat, moderation is to be considered as not all foods can be useful. Cellulite is the appearance of fats on the skin as a result of lack of blood supply to that part of the body which has caused a strain on the connective tissues which makes them very unpleasant. Different factors have been identified to cause cellulite and foods are one of them. There are foods that make cellulite worse; these should be avoided as much as possible no matter the attachment and these will be discussed in details here.


Food is anything that is eaten for the supply of nutrients and energy. There are different classes of foods like carbohydrates, fats and oils, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. These classes of foods are needed in different proportions. This is the concept of a balanced diet that combines all the classes of foods in the right proportion needed by the body. Both plants and animals are great source of foods for your consumption. So many foods are available and several recipes have been formulated to create variety. Some foods have also undergone some transformation for the purpose of storage. While some people die or suffer a deficiency because of lack of food, others get a disease from improper consumption of foods. Foods have been linked to certain health conditions. The following are foods that makes cellulite worse:

  • Cereal bars
  • Cheese- cottage, soy
  • Canned foods
  • Sweetened drinks- soda, smoothies, yoghurt and milk, coffee, alcohol, juices
  • Sauces and salad dressing- ketchup
  • Pizza
  • Margarine and spread
  • White flour- white bread
  • Bagels
  • Snacks and chocolates- cakes
  • Fatty proteins- fatty red meat, cured meats, fatty pats of chicken
  • Bacon
  • Noodles
  • Dried fruits
  • Flavored nuts
  • Fried foods
  • Fruit snacks
  • Frozen dinners
  • Fruit snacks

Processed foods

Processed foods are foods that have been packaged in cans, bags, bottles or boxes. This is a large umbrella under which a lot of food products that are not fresh or whole fall in. make cellulite worseProcessed foods are foods that make cellulite worse because they a lot of sugar, salts, Trans fats, sodium. Processed foods were made for legitimate reasons but abuse by eating a lot of them will cause unnecessary fats and calorie which eventually lead to cellulite. People consume processed foods for a number of reasons like

  • They are all around, everywhere
  • The convenience of preparing and eating them
  • They are save the time of going to market to buy fresh veggies or fruits
  • They are available for consumption especially when busy
  • They are relatively cheap
  • They are also sweet and nobody rejects sweet stuffs
  • They are easier to store without any stress or headache

Processed foods are a list of foods that cause cellulite.


Cheese is made from milk with addition of flavors like herbs and spices. There are different kinds of cheese depending on the kind of milk and fat used. Cottage, soy, whey and other types of cheese contains varying amounts of proteins, fats, sodium, phosphorus and other elements of choice. Cheeses become worst foods for cellulite as they increase the calories of the body. They also cause unnecessary water retention in the body which further makes cellulite worse.

Canned foods

Canned foods are widely available now and some women feast of different canned food like canned soups, meat, fish and drinks. For canned soups, meat and fish, they usually contain high amounts of salts which are not good for the body. These could cause hypertension in addition to cellulite. Canned drinks contain high amounts of sugar which can make you diabetic. Canned foods are part of the foods that make cellulite worse.

Sweetened drinks

Sweetened drinks are a list of foods that cause cellulite because in a bid to mask taste, high amounts of sugars are added. The temptation you face is you just find yourself drinking more and more which further increases the sugar level of your body system. The body stores excess sugar as fat and this is what leads to cellulite. Examples of sweetened drinks are soda, energy drinks, smoothies, and fruit juices. Coffee and alcohol are also drinks that contain substance that are high in concentration and can cause dehydration. This dehydration causes a strain on the connective tissues of the skin and can make cellulite worse. Sugars have been found to be connected to decrease in the firmness of the connective tissue of the skin.

make cellulite worse


Pizza is used to celebrate different occasions especially hangouts and family get together. Some families even eat as dinner. Pizza contains fats in different forms with sugars. Pizza is an example of foods that make cellulite worse because these fats block the arteries of the heart and reduce the circulation of blood and oxygen. This weakens the tissues of the skin and makes them to wrinkle.

Sauces and salad dressing

Sauces and salad dressing are foods that make cellulite worst as they contain lots of fats, sugars and salts. All these will shoot up the blood sugar and the release of insulin to help the body convert the excess sugar to fat. The salad, ketchup and sauces used for fries, chicken and other foods are sweet and you just continue to eat without realizing that you have exceeded the daily recommendation.

Butter and margarine

These are solid at room temperature as a result of the addition of the element hydrogen to them. These solids have been used to eat different types of bread, sandwiches and other foods. They have even been used to fry things like egg to add flavor. Too much consumption of these will clog the heart and blood circulation will be dangerously affected. This in turn will make cellulite worse. Butter and margarine is an important member on the list of foods that make cellulite worse.

White flour

White flour has been used to make different foods like cakes, dough nut, and bread to mention a few. The consumption of white flour in different forms comes with the intake of sugar and other processed substances. White flour is an example of foods that make cellulite worse because the carbohydrate and sugars obtained from it are converted to glucose. Glucose is a substance that can damage collagen of the skin when in excess. Sugars weaken the bones by depleting the amount of calcium in the body.

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Bagels are foods that make cellulite worse because they are a kind of bread made from white flour which people are not aware of as a source of plenty sugar and calories. This is an example of food that people innocently consume thinking it is not potentially dangerous to their health especially women who later develop cellulite.

Snacks and chocolate

Snacks, sweets and chocolates are part of the list of foods that make cellulite worse because their major composition is sugar in form of glucose and others with the addition of other sweet ingredients. Thus will make you gain weight and collagen in your body will be disintegrated thereby losing its strength to stretch and keep the body in good shape. Snacks, sweets and chocolate are subtle foods that can be eaten until they become an addiction. Some will even prefer to eat snacks instead of proper food.

Fatty proteins

Fatty proteins of meat, chicken and ham are worst foods for cellulite. They not only contain proteins needed by the body but fats also that are not useful. These parts of meat are very sweet and interesting to the taste buds. Sometimes, they are even fried to add flavor which also adds fats. These should not be eaten regularly as the good heart of the heart- the organ that pumps blood to the rest of the body will start to malfunction. This can be life threatening apart from making cellulite appearance worse.

make cellulite worse


Noodles are worst foods for cellulite as they contain preservatives, sauces and sugar. Noodles are eaten by children, students and women. They can be interesting to eat but consumption of noodles should not be regular or as a habit.


Bacon is very sweet and many people like to eat it. Bacon is meat derived from the meat of pigs called pork. Bacons are worst foods for cellulite because they are usually canned and preserved with preservatives and soaked in a mixture of brine or just preserved with a lot of salts sprinkled on it.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits are worst foods for cellulite because in the dried state they would have lost some essential nutrients present in the fresh form and in most dried fruits, the moist contain as been drastically reduced. Your body needs the water from fruits to remain supple instead of hardening up to make cellulite appear worse.

Flavored nuts

Nuts are amazing snacks when eaten wholly and naturally but when flavored with sugar and other things; they become worst foods for cellulite. Flavored snacks are widespread in supermarkets and people eat a lot of them without realizing how much sugar has been added to their system. Too much is not needed by the body and is stored as fat.

Fried foods

Some people will not eat fresh or boiled foods unless they are fried it. Fried foods do have a different appealing taste but this should be resisted as some vitamins, minerals and proteins are denatured by heat and excess fats are added to the food;; the added fats are mostly fats that will pose a danger to the health. Foods like chicken, potatoes, meat and fish are some of the foods regularly fried.

Fruit snacks

These are processed forms of the actual fruits that have fructose sugar with other types of sugar added to them. They look more like sweets available at the grocery stores around. Your sugar level is increased which can put you at risk of getting diabetes. Fruit snacks are worst foods for cellulite. In the production of fruit snacks, just a little quantity of the real fruit is added and this can even be added as a flavor.

Frozen dinners

Frozen dinners are foods that make cellulite worst because they usually contain sodium, sugar, salt and other preservatives. These can be eaten in cases of emergencies after they have been properly heated or micro waved and only foods that you are familiar with should be eaten in this form. This will protect your heart and general body.

The list of foods that cause cellulite can continue because it is actually endless. The reason is because many processed foods are hitting the market almost on a regular basis. This will gain acceptance after some time and this is only when people will be sensitized about them if there is any potential risk in their consumption. Foods are very important and you are the one that decide what goes into your system. This is why you have to be knowledgeable and know exactly what you are eating and the consequence in your body now and later.

make cellulite worse

There are healthy foods that you can eat and you can also learn how to combine these in wonderful recipes available in cellulite factor solution.  Boredom has been one of the reasons people opt for processed foods instead of natural foods; this challenge will be solved with exposition on cellulite bursting diet in cellulite factor solution. The cellulite factor solution system addresses the different factors that cause cellulite and proffer an integrated solution. The cellulite factor solution guide is what you really need because just knowing what to eat is not enough. You need to know how to eat these things and in what proportion and frequency in combination with other things to get rid of your cellulite.

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