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high blood pressure Living hypertensive and not having regular exercise have got things in common. It high time you get to know how a little change can begin lowering high blood pressure (Hypertension).

One’s risk of having high blood pressure increases with age, but having to go through some exercising activities could help matters. I want you to know that even if your blood pressure is reading high already exercise can help get it controlled. Mind you it’s not about running cross country races or joining the gym. It is about starting slow and working more on physical activities.

How exercise helps lower your high blood pressure

What’s the connection between exercise and high blood pressure? Less effort is needed by a strong heart to pump blood. It is regular exercise (physical activities) that makes the health stronger. The exertion of force on the arteries decreases making the pressure of the blood get lowered.high blood pressure

Getting more active lowers one’s systolic reading (top number) on blood pressure measuring scale by an average of 4 mm Hg -9 mm Hg. This is however some good blood pressure medication already. For some other people certain exercise can lower high blood pressure without having to subscribe for any form of medication.

A desirable blood pressure level reading of 120mm Hg- 80mm Hg can be helped by exercise as one grows. Regular physical activities also affects one’s weigh positively which is another way to get blood pressure controlled.

To achieve you lowering blood pressure goal it is required that one continues the real regular exercise and this takes about 1 – 3 months before an impact can be made. Enjoying the benefits last for as long as you continue the exercise.

How much of exercise do you need to begin lowering blood pressure?

Doing aerobic exercise is the most effecting type of workout when it comes to the controlling of HBP even if lifting of weight and kettle bells are also part of a good fitness plan. Spending hours in the gym is not needed before one can benefit from aerobic activities. Simple moderate workouts is far better than the rigorous training in this case.

what are the types of physical activates needed in the context? Once an activity can increase the rate of heart beat it is consider an aerobic physical activity. Examples includes;

  1. Walking
  2. Swimming
  3. Jogging
  4. Household chores which includes; mowing the lawn, raking leaves, gardening or scrubbing the floor
  5. Dancing
  6. Climbing stairs
  7. Bicycling
  8. Active sports (example; basketball/tennis)

It has been recommended by the Health & Human service that getting nothing less than 150minutes of a moderate workout activities or a 75minutes rigor aerobic physical activities in one week, or even the combination of both helps in the lowering blood pressure process. high blood pressure Being unable to spare a time as much as this can make you split out your working out hours across the day, at least 10 – 30 minutes each day.

Are you the type that sits for longer period of time in one day? It is advised that you try as much as possible to reduce the time spent sitting down. Research revealed that increased sedentary time contributes to series of health complications. Target doing 5minutes to 10 minutes low-intensity physical workouts, for instance getting up to fetch yourself a glass of water, going out on a brief walk each hour. Having a reminder can help with the process, you can make use of your smart devices and stop watch as reminding aid.

High blood pressure and weight training activities

Weightlifting have been discovered to cause a temporal increase in the blood pressure while exercising. This increase can be such dramatic thou having to do with the type of weight lifted. Weight lifting has a long term effect on lowering blood pressure, it also has this help if does for cardiovascular activities in the body. It has been recommended that strength training be incorporated into any lowering blood pressure rate at least 2 times in one week.

Having hypertension and wanting a real weight training fitness program requires that you know the following:

  • Get familiar and make use of the right one – this is important so as to avoid the risk of injury.
  • Holding of breathe should be stopped – holding of breathe can result to a spike in the blood pressure rate. However continuous breathing is encouraged.
  • Lifting of lighter weight is advised – lifting heavy weight requires more strains and can cause an increase in the blood pressing.
  • Get the signals given by your body – if you notice any strange feels within your body it is advised that you halt what you are doing at that moment.

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