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Ways Diabetes Destroys the human Body

Ways Diabetes Destroys the human Body

What does type II diabetes means exactly? What are the possible ways by which diabetesdiabetes destroys the human body destroys the human body? How do one get to know if he/she is at risk of getting faced with type II diabetes or even having it already? This are questions needing answers in this world which is already experiencing diabetes epidemic. In today’s world over 183million people are already living with diabetes while half of those doesn’t know at all. Now, in what ways does diabetes destroys the human body functionality? You can’t get answers to that question not until you get a vivid understanding of the health implication of it.

What exactly is the type II diabetes?

diabetes destroys the human body The pancreas is responsible for the making of the insulin hormone. Under normal condition, the cells to which insulin is attached however paves way for the entrance of sugar through cell membrane. After the sugar must have successfully entered into the membrane cell i.e. the fructose, maltose, caramel, corn syrup gotten from sugar, all of this sugar are however stored at glycogen or converted to fat. When a person is diabetic there is an imbalance that stops the entrance of sugar into the blood vessels that is needed to be used up as energy. A higher concentration of sugar in the body begin to damage the cells and begin causing the blood vessels, heart, kidney skin and the immune system to malfunction. This are part of the ways diabetes destroys the human body.

Type I Diabetes

Type I diabetes on the other hand, also known as the insulin dependent type of diabetes, the pancreas doesn’t make insulin sufficiently. Don’t mix this up, the type II diabetes makes insulin rise but insulin usage by the cell membrane is what is halted. Type II diabetes is the insulin resistant type but the type I diabetes is the one manifested from the rise of sugar within the blood. When the blood has high concentration of sugar damages could be cause to the body system organs. We really need to know how diabetes destroys the human body.

We should acknowledge the fact that oxygen and sugar are however the original sources of energy needed by the cells. However, I want us to know that the body might have difficulty processing sugar unless in the presence of abundance of vitamins, omega III fatty acids, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes. What am I saying here, inadequate healthy food material exposes one to the risk of being affected by diabetes symptoms and also other associated illness.

What are the other risk factors apart from the sugar cause of diabetes?

Not only does sugar cause makes one suffer from diabetes. Below are other factors that makes one diabetic:

  • Family history of diabetes
  • Obesity (excessive body weight)diabetes destroys the human body
  • Physical inactivity
  • Increased age
  • High Triglycerides
  • Producing of offspring weight above 9 pounds
  • Ethnicity: Some ethnic group are more prone to diabetes

What are the signs & symptoms of diabetes?

If you observe any of this symptoms, it’s going to be a wise decision seeing the doctor for blood observation:

Excessive thirst/ increased amount of urination

Unnecessary weight loss

Consistent blurred vision

Bruises and wound that refuses healing up

Constant infection

Moodiness, nausea or weakness after meals. This are symptoms of low blood sugar

Hypertension, depression

All of the above could be said to be ways diabetes destroys the human body.

Type 2 Diabetes complication

If increased blood sugar persist for up to 5 years, it however makes diabetes complication becomes very evident and gets untreatable.

Complications with the eyes

  • Glaucoma risk is increased by 40% in the case of untreated diabetes, pressure is built up in the eyeball region in this condition, therefore causing damage to the optic nerve & retina. This are the most sensitive part of the eyes.
  • Cataract formation risk get increased by 60% in the case of untreated diabetes. A clear lens is affected by cataract is this situation.
  • Diabetic retinopathy is as a result of damaged blood vessels & nerves linked to the retina.

Complications with the foot

  • Neuropathy – numbness at the ends of foot toes. Poor circulation of blood and unhealed wounds are influenced by this.
  • Foot ulcers – healing of this becomes however becomes very poor
  • Foot Amputation –a dead toe or foot needs to be amputated for the purpose of  safety measure.

Complications with the skin – (associated with poor immune system function & poor tissue healing)

  • Infection from Bacteria just like the boils, nail infection, sties are the usual ones.
  • Infection from fungi e.g candidiasis (vaginitis).
  • Dark coloration, necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum and diabetic blisters inclusive.

Stroke and Heart Disease

More risk of heart attack when diabetes is untreated. High blood pressure makes the risk of heart attack however really high.

Kidney infection (Nephropathy)

  • With Kidney failure occurrence, dialysis therapy or surgery transplant is needed for the survival of a patient.

Stomach disorder

  • Gastroparesis usually occurs –normal emptiness from the stomach is disturbed and this results in bloating and nausea.

Diabetes destroys the human body. The body is a system that works in accordance with each other, therefore once a fault comes up other fault triggers thereby causing problem is every part of the area. A lot of ways to stay healthy has therefore been discovered one of which is the Diabetes destroyer program. Avoiding complications from being diabetic is therefore very important. Diabetes can’t be cured but can be controlled, it is however required that the right steps be used to control it. To read more on how to generally avoid the complication from diabetes CLICK HERE


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