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Is the Cellulite Factor Solution System by Dr. Charles Real?



The cellulite factor solution system is something that concerns women; no woman wants to be fat and when they do add some flesh, they do not want the fat to appear in an irritated manner. Women of different races, shapes and sizes have been found to have cellulite. Women have tried different methods and spent so much money to remove unwanted or unpleasant fat beneath their skin in any area of the body. Most women still want to appear appealing to their partners even after childbirth or aging. A lot of women have had strain in their relationships with their partners because of the appearance of cellulite on their bodies, they have felt less wanted and have been on the verge of losing their partners to women that were sexier.

Some have been embarrassed by the annoying flirting look on their partners at the site of other women who did not have cellulite. Some women have also not been able to go to the beach for picnics as they could not wear bikinis to enjoy the cool breeze of the sea. Some have been denied the wearing of other clothing that will expose their cellulite. You do not have to continue in the embarrassment and self pity. It does not cost a fortune to get rid of unwanted fat beneath the skin and you do not have to expose yourself to unwarranted risk or danger. The cellulite factor solution review is to expose you to a new and better method than liposuction or other surgical procedures. The cellulite factor solution created by Charles Livingston is all you need to know to get rid of cellulite.

cellulite factor solution system

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The cellulite factor solution was created by Dr. Charles Livingston. Dr. Charles is a certified chiropractor, wellness expert and a nutritionist. He shared his wealth of knowledge in the cellulite factor solution guide by providing methods that does not just tackle the symptoms of cellulite in the body but the core causes of the accumulation of cellulite in the body. The cellulite factor solution PDF is the work of professional experts and authorities in this area. Dr. Charles went a step further to get the input of a fitness expert Holly Mitchell to get an integrated system in handling cellulite. These two experts put heads together to give you the very best solution that will rid cellulite permanently and improve the appearance of that repaired part in a package called “the cellulite factor solution guide.


Do not let the word scare you! Cellulite is just the fat in the body under the skin that appears bumpy and is not pleasant to sight. When the cellulite pressures the skin, connective tissues are affected and the flow of blood is hampered. These tissues get hardened as they are not supplied new nutrients present in the blood. The hardened tissues now push up on the skin to appear bumpy. This is how cellulite is formed. Therefore, anything that will enhance blood flow will help get rid of cellulite. You also do not need to entertain any fear because cellulite has no harm or negative effect on you. Cellulite is women’s issue and it can be hereditary.

Causes of Cellulite

The presence of cellulite in the body can be caused by different things. Not only fat or overweight people have cellulite, thin people can have it. Cellulite can be caused by

  • poor diet: consumption of too much carbohydrates and little fiber can result in cellulite formation
  • slow metabolismcellulite factor solution system
  • lack of exercise: you need some kinds of exercise to burn fats in your body
  • changes in hormones: alterations in the amounts and functions of the hormones noradrenaline, estrogen, insulin, thyroid hormones and prolactin can cause cellulite formation
  • dehydration,
  • thickness and color of the skin,
  • total fat in the body: excess fat is the main thing that cause cellulite formation and appearance
  • Lifestyles: people who sit or stand in a particular position for a very long time and smokers have been found to have more cellulite
  • Clothing: some women have formed the habit of wearing too tight underwears all in a bid to package everything well. This has been found to cause formation of cellulite as blood is limited from flowing to those tight areas
  • Heredity: certain genes are responsible for the formation of cellulite and these can be acquired from parents or by lifestyles


Treatment of Cellulite

Several options are have been used by women from all walks of life over the years to get rid of cellulite in their bodies. Buttocks, hips, stomach and thighs are the main areas of concerns for women that have cellulite. Some of the options available for the treatment of Cellulite include

  • Therapy: massages that stimulate lymphatic flow, magnetic therapy, pneumatic massages, heat therapy, ultrasound and others
  • Drugs and supplements: methylxanthines, pentoxifylline, beta-antagonists, adrenaline, amino acids, alpha antagonisists, amino acids, ginkgo biloba.
  • Anti-cellulite creams: topical, oral, injections
  • Compression garments
  • Liposuction
  • Dieting

Different therapies, drugs and supplements have been found not to be effective and they pose some negative side effects; liposuction do not really remove cellulite as the appearance is worsened because the depression caused by the removal of the deep fat creates an hollow and this procedure is very expensive and short lived.


Click Here To Download The Cellulite Factor Solution System Now! 



The cellulite factor solution PDF created by Dr. Charles is a natural method aimed at not just removing the cellulite from your body but helping you to understand the processes that result in the formation of cellulite. The cellulite factor solution guide is the outcome of years and years of research and knowledge. The cellulite factor solution program is the best solution for women that really want to get rid of cellulite with a long term and permanent effect. The cellulite factor solution system is aimed at addressing the matter of the formation and accumulation of cellulite from the root cause with scientific explanations.

The cellulite factor solution guide is a comprehensive and integrated approach to tackle the different causes of cellulite to give the best solution. The cellulite factor solution PDF is a lot easier than doing some rigorous physical activity without a good result. The cellulite factor solution program will help to soften the hardened tissue and restore their flexibility by ensuring they are supplied regular blood so that they do not bump up against the skin.

The cellulite factor solution system by Dr. Charles is centered on a special, ancient recipe that have been proven useful for ages called “coffee grind body wraps”. This is a combination of different food, drinks and supplements that work together to remove cellulite.

cellulite factor solution system

You have a whole lot of things to learn from this cellulite factor solution review to rightly inform you about cellulite. They are

  • The knowledge of the types of foods that help to reduce the formation of cellulite and others foster its presence in your body
  • Understanding the core mechanism of detoxification; how your body gets rid of harmful substances in your system in the toxin buster handbook
  • Learning 100 new recipes that help combine different natural foods and fruits that will get rid of cellulite in the cookbook provided
  • Learning about essential minerals and supplements that will be useful for your body in the nutrition and supplement guides
  • Some physical workouts that are easy and simple in ridding cellulite
  • Bonus: 13 cellulite factor solution exercise progression videos
  • 30-Day Success Guide
  • Workout generator
  • Cellulite busting grocery list
  • P.E.A.K workout finisher video



The cellulite factor solution program has many benefits that will be gained by its users. Some of them are

  • Proper understanding of cellulite and how to deal with it
  • An insight into the process of detoxification as a tool to remove cellulite
  • How to use a technique called “coffee grind wrap” to get effortless solution to deal with cellulite
  • The cellulite factor solution system is highly effective
  • The cellulite factor solution program will not just remove the cellulite in your body but also improve your overall health
  • There is a 60 day refund policy
  • About 50,000 women have used the cellulite factor solution guide and they have great positive testimonials
  • Your marriage or relationship will not just escape divorce or break up but you will regain new levels of self confidence and assurance
  • It is a step by step approach that is simple to followCellulite Factor Solution System
  • You will notice appreciable positive result with consistent use of the cellulite factor solution guide in two months
  • You are provide with lots of illustrations in videos to facilitate understanding
  • The cellulite factor solution system is an all natural method and you do not need to worry about side effects.
  • You will get five bonus guides in addition to the main cellulite factor solution PDF


  • The style of the writing contains grammatical mistakes which does not portray a good image about the cellulite factor solution program
  • There are no links to substantiate the scientific research done
  • The manner of presentation of information in the cellulite factor solution system is poor though useful


Click Here To Download The Cellulite Factor Solution System Now! 



Dr. Charles was very generous in providing amazing bonus guides that are more expensive than the main cellulite factor solution eBook. The cellulite factor solution eBook is $47 but the values of the bonus guides put together worth a lot more. The cellulite factor solution free download are:

Bonus #1: Cellulite Factor Cookbook- this highlights the recipes you are expected to eat during your course while listing the ingredients and how to prepare them. A combination of the right kinds and proportion of fruits and foods is what you will get

Bonus #2: Cellulite Factor Food and Exercise Journal- this will help you keep track of your progress and you can print it out and paste where you will see it always so that you do not forget anything.

Bonus #3: Cellulite Factor Meal Plan- this tells you what to eat and the time to eat them as you follow the recipes in the Cookbook

Bonus #4: Cellulite Grocery List- this helps you to know what to buy at the market to prepare your meals and you can plan your trips

Bonus #5: Cellulite Factor Toxin Avoidance Handbook- this is where you learn about the different kinds of toxins in the environment and especially the ones in your body system plus how to get rid of them. One key method listed here is to take a lot of water; you will learn others.


Dr. Charles is quite confident about the cellulite factor solution eBook and has assured customers of a 60 day money refund without stress through a reliable phone number if you have any reservations.

A lot has been put into the cellulite factor solution eBook to make sure it works. But if you as a customer, keeps making certain mistakes like eating the wrong kinds of foods( drinks rich in sugar, processed foods rich in white flour, processed meats) you will not get the maximum benefit from the cellulite factor solution PDF. All you have to do is to take the step and you are on a journey to get younger and sexier again. To get the cellulite factor solution CLICK HERE



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