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diabetesDiabetes is now a major threat to the human race. CDC gave a foretasted that 1/­­­­­3 of the American population will live being diabetic and also have a -15 life span with loss of healthy living.

Quite a number of health practitioners, scientist, nutritionist, and even most of the media platforms now believes and have overly repeated the type II diabetes as reversible.   With this revelation most people still nurture they believe that high blood sugar is something inheritable “Genetic”, with this they believe whenever they are diabetic they have to continue living diabetic.

My article today is going to be revealing lots of information about the aliment ‘high blood sugar’. I will be stating the actual steps required to begin reversing type II diabetes using a natural means. My article will also tell you ways to work on type I i.e preventive methods. On this page will we be exposing you diabetic feeding plan and supplements than can be used by anyone. Remember that every of the information on this page should be conveyed verbatim to your loved ones who really needs to begin handling their lives to live above worries of diabetes.

What the different are between type I diabetes and the type II diabetes?

The rate of diabetic statistics in the United State as released by CDC revealed that 25.8M already are faced with diabetes while ADA on the other hand has the population of those with pre-diabetes as 79M. The summation of this reveals that 25% of the American population are already diabetic. Further research were made to get the amount of cash figures invested annually by diabetics and it reads 245 US billion dollars.diabetes

Apart from the statistical measure of the % of population faced with diabetes and the amount of money invested annually, do you know that high blood sugar level is on the seventh ranks of diseases killing people in the states. Diabetes brings about other side effect like the high blood pressure, neuropathy, and kidney disease, amputation and so on.

Now, I will be taking you through the details of factor causing high blood sugar level and the variation between type I diabetes and the type II diabetes:

The factor cause of Diabetes

high blood glucose level is an aliment having to do with increased blood sugar levels.

Type I diabetes is a type of blood sugar increase which is autoimmune, insulin responsible for beta cells in the region of the pancreas must have been attacked before one can be diagnosed of type I diabetes. The damage caused to the pancreatic cells causes the alteration in the production of insulin needed to cater for the sugar level in the blood. Below are the agent responsible for the autoimmunity:

  • Foods which includes; soy, cow milk and wheat
  • Heavy metals
  • Vaccines
  • Virus
  • GMO Organisms

Wondering why foods like cow milk & wheat can cause type I diabetes! Actually cow and wheat have A1 casein and gluten present in them.These element of proteins can trigger leaky gut which in turn leads to systemic inflammation throughout the entire body & leads on to autoimmune disease. The autoimmune is such that needs to be reduced so as to begin working on reducing your type I diabetes. Type 1 high blood sugar level is rarely reversed but with the right dietary changes major improvements in blood sugar levels can be seen and a person can often reduce their dependence on insulin and medications.

 The most common type of diabetes is the type II diabetes and it usually as a result of resisted insulin. It is therefore a disorder with the metabolic which causes HBP. The body gets to rugged at producing much of insulin but doesn’t last long as the insulin receptor begins to burn out.

Since we know the factors that promotes both the type II diabetes and the type I diabetes as food, it is however important that we know the food we need to stay away from.

Foods needed to abstain from to naturally reverse diabetes

Refined sugar- ingestion of sugar which are refined triggers the blood glucose & soda, most of the sugar beverages and fruit juices are rich with refined sugar. The blood stream receives this sugar and result in an increased blood sugar level. It is however better to use the natural sweeteners which get there source from honey, maples and the likesdiabetes

Gluten is from grains and this are gotten from wheat and rich carbohydrate food substance which later breaks down into simpler sugar. Gluten is responsible for intestinal inflammation and can bring about spike in the blood sugar. 90 days should do to take off grains out of one’s diet.

Milk conventionally gotten from cow. This should be taken off of diet of those with type I diabetes. It however preferred to consume raw and organic dairy product gotten from animals raised in the pasture.

Alcohol is very dangerous when it comes to increasing blood sugar level, this however leads to liver toxicity. Sweet liquors and beers are rich in carbohydrate and should therefore be avoided.

There are series of other food I discovered that one should avoid as well as there are list of foods one should embrace in the cases of diabetes. I got to know about this from an online diabetes bonus guide diabetes 60 system recipe collection. This is a package in the diabetes 60 system, a guide meant to help every diabetic patient using natural means.  You should check it out!

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