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Get rid of cellulite – 10 Frequently asked Questions about Cellulite

Get rid of cellulite – 10 Frequently asked Questions about Cellulite


Cellulite is such an interesting topic for women to discuss in their circles without getting bored or tired. They hear different people shared their personal experiences, challenges and adventure of trying out different products and services all in the bid to get rid of cellulite. Bits and pieces from such meetings can be helpful; you only need to substantiate what has been said with a little study for the facts. Different experts have also done a lot of research on this interesting subject and have found a lot of things.

For most of the times, the frequently asked questions by women have formed the basis of research and the volume of information asked about cellulite. Of course, so many questions have been asked but some rank more in importance. The 10 frequently asked questions on cellulite feature the most important things you need to know to perfectly get rid of your cellulite and they are:

Common Questions About Cellulite

  1. What is cellulite?
  2. At what stage of life does cellulite appear?
  3. What are the causes of cellulite?
  4. Why do women have more cellulite than men?
  5. Does cellulite get worse as one grows older?
  6. Why does cellulite defy size?
  7. What has the foods I eat got to do with cellulite?
  8. Why does weight loss not directly lead to cellulite reduction?
  9. How can I get rid of cellulite?
  10. Are creams and drugs useful in cellulite reduction?

get rid of cellulite

What is cellulite?

You need to get a very accurate meaning to cellulite before you can truly get the perfect picture. A wrong or distorted understanding can ultimately affect the methods you will choose and your disposition to it. To start with, cellulite is not a disease or an infection. It is just a physiological issue that results from the activities in the body. Cellulite is the accumulation of fat in your skin tissues that appear bumpy on the surface. It is usually the appearance of cellulite that women are not comfortable with; it can be ugly you know. With this understanding, you are ready to know how to get rid of your cellulite by using the cellulite destroyer. Journey with me as I take you through the different questions about cellulite commonly asked by women.

At what stage of life does cellulite appear?

This is one of the most common questions about cellulite asked by women all over the world. The world is yet to see a baby born with cellulite because it is absolutely impossible. A baby’s skin is supple and fresh with little fat. This means that cellulite appears at a later stage in life. No matter the figure you have, you will not notice cellulite on your body until after puberty. The question now becomes – how does puberty contribute to cellulite?

Everyone will go through the puberty stage. This is a very important stage that is vital for growth and development. At puberty, so many things happen in the body with a lot of hormone rush. These hormones are responsible for the rapid development and outward change which prepares you for adulthood. This is one of the reasons some teens get bigger or fatter. So because of the change in the body caused by hormonal action which deposits fat in the body, most young women have cellulite after puberty. This has also been supported with other studies too.  you can get additional information on cellulite removal from the cellulite destroyer.

get rid of cellulite

What are the causes of cellulite?

You need to know the causes of cellulite to correctly prevent cellulite. The causes of cellulite has been widely researched and the following are the major causes

  • Poor diet
  • Lifestyle choices- clothing, smoking, use of illegal drugs, lack of exercise, inadequate sleep, low intake of water
  • Hormones and genes

Poor diet is a major cause of cellulite and to know how to reduce cellulite, you must know what to eat and what to avoid. Some foods have been identified to increase cellulite in your body like white flour, white sugar, fried foods, processed foods, sweet drinks and chocolates and fats in meats. To get rid of cellulite, you should change your white flour for wheat flour, white sugar for brown sugar or honey, fried foods for boiled foods, fats in meats for lean meats, sweet drinks for organic fresh drinks, processed foods for fresh fruits and vegetables. You need to exercise self discipline in what you eat to achieve cellulite removal. Cellulite destroyer will also help you to know different delicious recipes you make prepare to get rid of cellulite.

Lifestyle choice and Cellulite

Lifestyle choices are part of you and what you have used to over the years. Certain lifestyles have contributed to the accumulation of cellulite while others have been instrumental in cellulite treatment. A lifestyle choice like clothing is very important; when you wear tight clothes, you are at risk of having cellulite in those areas as you block blood flow to them. Cellulite treatment starts with an adjustment of your clothing. Smoking and the use of illegal drugs have played a role in increasing toxins in the body. You should reduce the frequency of smoking and use of illegal drugs is a good way to reduce your cellulite. Low intake of water should be discontinued because water helps to dilute the concentration of toxins in the body and aids in their removal.

Hormones are very different in men and women because they are important. Hormones affect the physiological outlook of women and some women have inherited some certain genes that make them have more fat in their bodies. Hormones and genes are causes of cellulite that you do not have control but that is not to say that they just do what they want. Your lifestyles choices and diet can affect the degree of their expression in your body. This is also one of the most important questions about cellulite frequently asked.

Why do women have more cellulite than men?

Oh, this is one of the questions about cellulite I hear more often from women. This is a very important question that helps you understand how to get rid of cellulite. Women have more cellulite than men not just because they are women but the structure of collagen fibers differ. Cellulite is a product of the structure of collagen fibers and the deposition of fats in them. Men have a net like kind of collagen fibers while that of women is pocket like. This means that fats accumulate in the collagen fibers of women until they become full and overflowing. This is what makes their appearance bumpy.

With this kind of structure, you need to know how to reduce cellulite by using the cellulite destroyer system. This will help you get rid of cellulite leaving your skin glowing.

Does cellulite get worse as one grows older?

So many things happen to your body system as you grow older and this also affects cellulite. Cellulite generally gets worse with increasing age because the skin loses its tenderness, firmness and tensile strength; the collagen fibers can no longer be held in place like before. This is the reason you need to learn certain cellulite treatment methods that help the skin. You should also not waste time in dealing with cellulite in different areas of your body. It becomes more difficult to get rid of cellulite if you leave them unchecked; those areas become more hardened. You can get more information on how to prevent cellulite from the cellulite destroyer review.

get rid of cellulite

Why does cellulite defy size?

This questions is not funny as certain category of women have thought that they should not have cellulite and have been shocked to their bones to discover its appearances on their body. Cellulite does not care whether you are fat or skinny. As a matter of fact, skinny women are vulnerable to cellulite more as they indulge in unhealthy lifestyle choices and eat anything they like with very little water intake which makes more toxins linger in their bodies. These find their way into cellulite while fat women have fats to store and protect their body system from the effects of the toxins. A fat woman will not easily notice cellulite on her skin while that of a skinny woman is very obvious, one of the most common questions about cellulite.

With this understanding, you can know a lot more on how to reduce cellulite from the cellulite destroyer system.

What has the foods I eat got to do with cellulite?

The foods you eat has a whole lot to do with cellulite has research has shown that some foods are good for while others are not; some contribute to cellulite while some are cellulite destroyer.  This means that you have to critically look at your regular diet and ask yourself questions about how much nutrients you really get from those foods. Cellulite destroyer system will educate you about different food materials that are both good and bad for cellulite with comprehensive information on how they achieve that in your body. It is high time you stopped eating junks. Don’t get scared about becoming a veggie because you do not have to to stay healthy and achieve cellulite removal.

get rid of celluliteWhy does weight loss not directly lead to cellulite reduction?

Also, one of the questions about cellulite has to do with weight loss. The mechanism and principles that govern weight loss are different from those of cellulite reduction. The reason many women decide to go for fitness classes is to achieve weight loss to make them smarter and fitter. Weight loss is done and it affects certain parts of the body or overall depending on the purpose. Cellulite reduction has to do with what you do to reduce, prevent and remove cellulite from your body.

Skinny women who do not have a thing to do with weight loss have cellulite and shedding more weight is not the solution for them. Weight loss can help with the proper conditioning and functioning of the heart but if others things are not done, the heart can be pumping blood but it is short circuited some down the body especially the cellulite areas. So, you should be very specific in your cellulite treatment using proven methods as stated in cellulite destroyer review to achieve cellulite removal.

How can I get rid of cellulite?

Out of the many questions about cellulite that women ask, this is the most common. There are different methods you can use to get rid of cellulite. Some methods have been helpful in cellulite reduction while others have helped to prevent it. For cellulite, “Prevention is better than cure”. This is not more than true but be that as it may, you can reduce cellulite and achieve cellulite removal using certain potent and reliable methods offered in cellulite destroyer system.  You can generally improve your diet by eating more organic food materials, do some cellulite exercises that will target cellulite in you butts, stomach, thighs and hips and you can do some cellulite treatment that target the skin like oil treatment, massaging and dry brushing. You can learn the all of these ways to get rid of cellulite from the cellulite destroyer.

Are creams and drugs useful in cellulite reduction?

I hear many questions about cellulite, and this tops the list. The research about cellulite is still ongoing and more information unfolds with this. Some creams have been found to be useful in cellulite reduction as they are applied on the skin of the affected areas with continuous use; more effective methods are those that directly affect the mechanism of blood flow and fat deposition in your body. Topical application of creams will only be temporary and care has to be taken in the use of skin care products. Drugs have not been found to help in cellulite reduction.

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